• What is the employment rate for people with disability in Australia?
    The employment rate of Australians with disability, particularly people with significant and lifelong disability, is low. Reflecting this, only 24% of working-age NDIS participants are in paid work (as per NDIS Participant Employment Strategy from 30 June 2019). With your help, the NDIA intends to increase this to 30% by June 2023.
  • Is employment just about getting paid?
    Having a job benefits all people. Being in employment: - expands social networks - increases community connections - gives greater financial independence - improves health and wellbeing - creates a stronger sense of identity and self-worth.

Connection to Mainstream or Other Government Services


It’s important to know that the NDIS will not pay for services which are already available to you such as;

  • Disability Employment Services;
  • Australian Disability Enterprises;
  • School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES);
  • Community Programs;
  • Volunteering;

Enable All can provide help to understand and connect with these services as part of your total employment support program.

How does Enable All engage with clients, carers and families?


To ensure we provide safe, effective, comprehensive and sustainable supports our staff at Enable All will:

  1. Meet with you (the client), family (informal supports) and required health professionals to ensure a client focussed service provision.  Communication is the key to ensure supports are coordinated and funded according to your NDIS plan. 
  2. Compare the support needs of the client with the availability of our qualified and experienced employees and recruit new people when required
  3. Arrange a meeting with the client and all involved with their support to ensure everyone understands their role and responsibility
  4. Develop Employment Plans and provide the supports as recommended and agreed  Supports will enable you to reach your goals. 

TIP – If you are wanting to include employment support as part of your NDIS plan, be sure to discuss with either your NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or relevant planning worker.

Support Coordination

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