How does Enable All engage with clients, carers and families?

To ensure we provide safe, effective, comprehensive and sustainable supports our team at Enable All will:

  1. Meet with you (the client), family (informal supports) and required health professionals to ensure a client focussed service provision.  Communication is the key to ensure supports are coordinated and funded according to the NDIS / My Aged Care plan
  2. Compare the support needs of the client with the availability of our qualified and experienced employees and recruit new people when required
  3. Arrange a meeting with the client and all involved with their support to ensure everyone understands their role and responsibility
  4. Develop Care Plans and provide the supports as recommended and agreed  Supports will be continuously monitored, documented and updated where and when required

TIP – If you are wanting to include palliative care at home support as part of your My Aged Care plan, be sure to discuss with your relevant planning worker.

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The Directors of Enable All are qualified Nurses with additional community and critical care qualifications and experience. All supports provided by our complex care support workers are done so under supervision and guidance. This means that you can trust Enable All to provide the exceptional Nurse led complex care nursing support you or your loved one needs.

Considering the in home palliative care services you need and choosing the right complex care worker for your loved one are crucial to getting the most out of your supports and living a life of meaning and independence.

So make a time to meet with us and hear how we can help.

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